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Welcome to the journey of Chinese language learning

China captivates individuals globally with its profound history, vibrant culture, and cutting-edge technology.


Xinya Corporation extends a diverse array of language support services encompassing Chinese language education, teacher training, translation, and interpretation.

Surpassing linguistic barriers, our hearts and minds harmonize, enriching our lives and society.

Embark on this transformative journey with us, and allow me the pleasure of guiding you.

Features of my Chinese lessons

As a professional, we propose the best Chinese learning method for you, while respecting the unique characteristics of each individual and helping you effectively overcome your learning weaknesses with customizable lesson content. We provide detailed learning support that is not available at regular language schools, and we not only help you improve your Chinese, but also Accelerate your progress.


Extensive Teaching Experience


Educational methods based on academic evidence


Content that can be customized to suit your personality


Multilingual Abilities


Professional and effective pronunciation instruction


Support for various demands

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Hello, my name is Yi Liu (you can call me Lily if you like), CEO and Lecturer of Xinya Co.
     I have been working as a professional Chinese language educator for more than a decade since I obtained my International Chinese Teacher Certificate in 2012. I am trilingual in Chinese, Japanese, and English, so even if you have no basic knowledge of China, I can help you learn Chinese with ease.
     I am eager to support you on the journey of crossing language boundaries, and I hope to assist my students and clients in evolving into a state of greater comfort with cross-cultural communication and becoming integral to a deeper understanding between cultures.

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Students' review

Ms. Mie


I began studying Chinese with the personal goal of communicating with my Chinese boyfriend's family. However, recognizing the increasing importance of Chinese in the globalized business landscape amid China's economic development, I sought a professional Chinese teacher to help me resume my studies, which I had started in university. Fortunately, I found Lily, in a short time, my Chinese proficiency has advanced from HSK 1 to HSK 3. Not only is she a competent Chinese teacher, but she also provides a wide range of support, including the preparation of all kinds of materials on grammar, culture, customs etc. She has given us the kind of detailed guidance that we could not receive in a regular Chinese language class. She is also a very sincere and courteous person, and I enjoy my weekly classes very much.

Mr. Kota


I have already passed HSK level 6, which generally classifies me as an advanced speaker, though I still don't speak fluently. Having completed the study of pronunciation and grammar, I felt uncertain about the next steps in my learning journey. That's when I discovered Lily. Currently, I take online lessons once a week to sustain my learning momentum. Lily customizes lesson content to align with my proficiency level and incorporates recent topics of interest. Her gentle and soft-spoken approach minimizes psychological pressure, a notable departure from experiences with some other Chinese teachers who made me feel uncomfortable or wondered if they were in a bad mood. Lily's class is a highly recommendable choice, especially for those who may be a bit timid.

Mr. Hide


I wanted to learn not only the Chinese language but also gain insights into the current situation and trends in Chinese society. During the trial lesson, I discussed this goal with Lily, and she graciously agreed to assist me. Lily's education method is highly effective. During the classes, she has been incredibly accommodating, providing customized materials based on my interests and adjusting lesson content on short notice to address our weaknesses. when explaining concepts in Chinese, she selects vocabulary and adjusts her speaking speed according to my ability, making me feel that my listening comprehension is improving efficiently. The right amount of homework also proves helpful for me, especially since I'm be a slacker sometimes ;-)
Above all, Lily's personality is wonderful. Through her, I can gain a real sense of present-day China. I am genuinely looking forward to my new assignment.
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