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Since starting my Chinese education activities in 2012, I've had the privilege of teaching Chinese to many individuals. Meeting people from various industries and age groups has been a treasure for me. I am delighted to learn my students have mastered Chinese, understand Chinese culture, and find it beneficial in their work and life.
  I share with my students the wealth of Chinese learning insights I've accumulated over the years without reservation. Each lesson is meticulously prepared and I try to make  the best use of the time. Our lessons are based on a scientific teaching method, which has earned us a reputation for faster progress compared to ordinary Chinese language schools. I deeply value and cherish the feedback from all our students, and I am committed to providing and improving a superior Chinese learning experience.

   The following reviews are translated into English.




Ms. M.M

Consulting,​  20s

I began studying Chinese with the personal goal of communicating with my Chinese boyfriend's family. However, recognizing the increasing importance of Chinese in the globalized business landscape amid China's economic development, I sought a professional Chinese teacher to help me resume my studies, which I had started in university. Fortunately, I found Ms. Liu. In a short time, my Chinese proficiency has advanced from HSK 1 to HSK 3.

     Ms. Liu is not just a qualified Chinese teacher; she has also offered comprehensive support, including crafting a study schedule and preparing various materials on grammar, culture, and customs. She pays meticulous attention to my needs, providing specially tailored materials that go beyond the standard curriculum. Her handmade materials and detailed guidance set her classes apart from generic Chinese language courses. Additionally, she is personable, sincere, and polite, making my weekly classes enjoyable.


Mr. R.T 

Precision equipment manufacturer​   30s

I initially took a course at another Chinese language school. When that ended, I was in search of another school and came across this website. I enjoy Lily's lessons because she cover a variety of topics with rich content. Even after I moved to China, I continued to take online lessons, seamlessly connecting between China and Japan. The quality of the lessons is comparable to face-to-face sessions. Lily takes notes during each lesson and sends them to me for review. The content spans conversation, listening, grammar, vocabulary, reading, culture, etc. Tailored to my goals and challenges, the lessons enable quick learning, providing a highly fulfilling study experience.


Mr. K.O

IT industry,  40s

I am taking online lessons, and I feel that the quality of the lessons is the same as the face-to-face lessons. I am happy to be able to learn unique and practical contents each time I take lessons. I have been in China for four and a half years and have passed HSK level 5. Lily's tailored approach has reignited my motivation to further enhance my proficiency. Her customized lessons align perfectly with my needs, allowing me to enjoy and sustain a high level of engagement in my Chinese learning. 

Image by Alvaro Reyes

Mr. N.W 

IT​ industry,  40s

I have already passed HSK level 6, which generally classifies me as an advanced speaker, though I still don't speak fluently. Having completed the study of pronunciation and grammar, I felt uncertain about the next steps in my learning journey. That's when I discovered Lily. Currently, I take online lessons once a week to sustain my learning momentum. Lily tailors the lesson content to my level, relieving me of the need to overthink. While she often asks, 'Is there anything specific you'd like to cover?' I sometimes struggle to come up with topics and end up saying, 'No.' While I feel I should be more proactive. Lily customizes lesson content to align with my proficiency level and incorporates recent topics of interest. Her gentle and soft-spoken approach minimizes psychological pressure, a notable departure from experiences with some other Chinese teachers who made me feel uncomfortable or wondered if they were in a bad mood. Lily's class is a highly recommendable choice, especially for those who may be a bit timid.


Mr. Y.Y 

Consulting,  30s

Lily is an exceptional teacher, I have never encountered such a remarkable educator. (1)Her classes are conducted in a highly theoretical and efficient manner. Whether it's homework, class discussions, or Zoom lessons, the realistic atmosphere is maintained, providing a sense of being face-to-face.

(2)The course content is presented in an easily understandable manner and and a clear and motivating Content. (3)Lily demonstrates a high level of attentiveness. She takes the time to explain pronunciation, vocabulary, and HSK preparation thoroughly, ensuring that the material is easily grasped.  So far she is the best language teacher I've ever met!

截屏2021-02-08 15.36.21.png

Mr. H.K 

IT​ industry, 40s

As a beginner, I am truly grateful for Ms. Liu's assistance in pronunciation practice and her guidance in selecting textbooks. She consistently addresses my questions with care, making each lesson enjoyable and fulfilling. I feel fortunate to have found such a great teacher as I started my journey to learn Chinese!


Mr. S.M 

Financial industry,  20s

I am a Chinese quarter born and raised in Japan, but since I didn't understand Chinese at all, I decided to try to study it and picked up a reference book to teach myself. I had previously taught myself to get over 900 on the TOEIC, so I referred to the English study method I used then and looked at a Chinese Proficiency Test Level 2 vocabulary book and watched TV dramas from one side to the other for about three months, but I didn't feel any improvement. I realized that the fundamental problem was that, unlike English or Japanese, Chinese language was distorted if I did not have a good grasp of pronunciation (r, zhi, che, etc.), four-voice accent, and basic grammar, so I started looking for a personal tutor.
 When seeking a teacher, I set the following three criteria.  (1) A native level of Mandarin Chinese (as learning a dialect might hinder mastering the most common form of Chinese), (2) A teacher with a systematic theory about the basic curriculum (since I desired more than casual conversation), and (3) The teacher should be good-looking (in a sense, the most important). Upon reviewing Ms. Liu's profile, it became apparent that she excelled in meeting these criteria. I applied for a trial lesson. Instead of diving immediately into specific pronunciation and vocabulary, I asked Lily's background, qualifications, and cultural insights into Mandarin Chinese. The depth of her experience, the wealth of materials she provided, and the quality of her teaching were exceptional for a private tutor.
 I've been taking lessons via Zoom since the first session, partly influenced by the pandemic, and I haven't found it inconvenient. As someone who doesn't frequently travel, I appreciate the convenience of learning from the comfort of my home. The lesson style primarily involves praise and encouragement, which has helped me, a somewhat lazy and easily bored individual, stay engaged. While I'm still at a level where I struggle with fluent daily conversation, I'm confident that I can significantly improve my proficiency within another 6 months to a year. I can wholeheartedly recommend Lily.


Ms. K.T

Medical​ industry,  20s

After marrying my Chinese husband, I began studying Chinese to participate more actively in conversations with his family and friends. Initially, I studied a bit on my own, but uncertainty about pronunciation and word usage led me to seek assistance from Lily. She tailored the materials to my level, and the lessons proceeded at an efficient pace, ensuring that each 90-minute session was fulfilling without any wasted time.


Mr. T.T 

Agriculture,  30s

I had been searching for an online teacher as I live in a rural area. After trying trial lessons with various teachers, I eventually settled on Lily, and I have been taking lessons from her ever since. As a complete beginner, I'm grateful for the detailed and easy-to-understand instruction, covering everything from pronunciation to grammar and cultural differences. Despite having taken all lessons online, except for the first one, I am highly satisfied because the quality of the lessons is equivalent to in-person classes. The pronunciation lessons, in particular, were exceptionally clear as she provided detailed insights not found in textbooks. I wholeheartedly recommend taking lessons with her!


Mr. Y.T 

Retail industry​  20s

Lily provides lessons that are very easy to understand. After an initial consultation, she tailors recommended materials and curricula to the individual's proficiency level, ensuring that the lessons are seamless and rich in content. Particularly as a beginner in Chinese, I am grateful for the inclusion of practical example sentences for each lesson. As evident from the introduction section, her approach is earnest and clear, making every lesson enjoyable. Lily is an exceptionally passionate teacher, and her enthusiasm motivates me to strive harder! 


Mr. Y.K  

Trading industry,  40s

Lily's lessons are very thorough and easy to understand. My sons look forward to every lesson!


Ms. N.H 

Sales,  30s 

My 8-year-old daughter has been having lessons twice a week with Lily. She is an excellent teacher who provides a lot of encouragement, and as a result, my daughter, who started from zero, is gradually improving in challenging pronunciations and conversations. Now, she has developed a keen interest in learning Chinese and wants to continue forever!    ^^ Liu 老师谢谢


Mr. M.N 

Retail industry,​  30s

Lily is an very attentive, enthusiastic, and responsible teacher who tailors her lessons to each student's level and needs. She also facilitates opportunities for students to interact with each other, either through social networking sites or by connecting with native Chinese speakers outside of the class, where the students come from various age groups and professions, all contributing to a positive reputation for her. Lily's passion for learning is evident; you can ask her any questions about China, and she teaches Chinese in a beautifully standard manner. If you're unsure which teacher is the right fit for you, I wholeheartedly recommend trying a trial lesson with her.


Mr. N.Y 

Doctor,  30s

In recent years, as China's global influence has expanded, I recognized the importance of understanding the Chinese language and culture for future career opportunities across various fields. Lily tailors the content based on students' individual backgrounds and interests, providing relevant materials and textbooks. As a beginner, I appreciate the meticulous guidance on pronunciation, vocabulary, basic grammar, and insights into Chinese culture, which greatly interests me.
Regarding the HSK (the international Chinese language examination), she carefully manages the schedule to align with students' capacity for achieving specific levels within set timeframes. Lily's teaching style is gentle, polite, and easily understandable. For instance, she employs simple diagrams to illustrate the mouth's interior when teaching the pronunciation of zh, ch, sh, and r—sounds unfamiliar to Japanese learners. Additionally, nuances like the difference between the pronunciation of "an" and "ang" are addressed, with patient guidance through pronunciation practice until mastery.
She demonstrates a sincere commitment to supporting students in reaching their goals, exuding a positive and cheerful atmosphere with a soft-spoken demeanor—a well-balanced teaching approach. Overall, I enthusiastically recommend this school to anyone aspiring to master Chinese. I'm grateful to have found such a dedicated and reliable teacher.


Mr. K.H

Financial industry, ​ 20s

I am a beginning student of Chinese. I started learning Chinese because of the possibility of using it in my work, but I became interested in Chinese culture through Lily's classes. In each of her classes, she uses a combination of printouts and textbooks according to the student's level of understanding. I feel that my understanding has deepened because the printouts are easy to understand and she supplements points that are insufficient in the textbook. As a beginning learner, I also appreciate that I can ask questions in my native language.


Ms. S.S 

Homemade​,  30s

I have asked Lily for help with my Chinese lessons to accompany my husband on his assignment in Taiwan. I was worried because it was my very first time to learn Chinese, but she kindly taught me and I felt comfortable taking the lessons. Her lesson notes are easy to understand and she teaches me things that are not in the textbooks, so I can learn things that I would not have known if I had studied on my own. Also, thanks to the practice, I am gradually getting a better understanding of pinyin and tone of voice. I am currently online because of Covid-19, but I have not experienced any inconvenience, and I think it is the same as taking classes in person. I would recommend it to anyone who is not sure which teacher to choose.


Mr. Y.Y 

Fashion & Jewelry industry​,  40s

I've experienced trial lessons with several teachers, and Lily stands out as one of the most kind-hearted. Her politeness is evident right from the trial lesson. What impressed me the most is her well-structured curriculum, encompassing comprehensive explanations of the Chinese language and thoughtfully planned lessons. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned about vocalization in our initial trial lesson. Lily even tailored a lesson plan for my upcoming work trip to China in December. Her dedication was evident as she patiently guided me through vocal exercises until I mastered them.

Beyond her teaching prowess, Lily's personality shines. She is attentive to my questions outside of lesson time and goes the extra mile to recommend Chinese songs and movies, making my learning experience enjoyable. Despite our brief time together, I'm delighted to have found such a fantastic teacher.


Mr. Y.T 

IT​ industry,  40s

Lily customizes her lessons to each individual's level and needs, making her a great fit for many, especially those who meet the following criteria: (1) You want to quickly learn to speak and listen to Chinese, (2) You are planning to take the HSK exam, (3) You are interested in Chinese culture, and (4) You can handle moderate amounts of homework.

    I previously attended a different Chinese school but decided to make a change due to a lack of growth and interruptions caused by covid. After a trial lesson with Lily, I chose to continue with her. She assigns vocabulary homework, checks it during class, and reviews my past mistakes. As mentioned by other students, she shares notes with us for review. I've noticed that repetition are crucial for language learning as I sometimes make the same mistakes even after being asked the same question three times. With online lessons, physical distance is no longer a concern. I'm pleased that the lessons align with the introduction, and I find it exciting to learn things I couldn't at my previous school.


Mr. H.Y

Statutory auditor,  60s

Lily is a very dedicated teacher. She teaches reading, writing, listening, and speaking in a well-balanced and easy-to-understand way. She is especially good at teaching pronunciation. As I travel to China several times a year on business, I am acutely aware of the importance of pronunciation, and Lily's persistent and clear guidance has been most beneficial to my Chinese language learning. Thanks to her, I feel that I am able to communicate more smoothly in Chinese. Lily teaches all aspects of the Chinese language, including Chinese culture, with seriousness and enthusiasm, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning Chinese well.


Ms. M.K 

Cosmetics/Beauty industry​   40s

I was very fortunate to have met Lily. I had previously taken online Chinese lessons, but as a beginner who could only do simple greetings, I had fallen behind in my studies and had not been able to make much progress. That's when I found this site. After reading the detailed explanations and students' reviews, I thought, "Surely this person can't go wrong!"  I applied for a free lesson, and the teacher exceeded my expectations! Now I enjoy every lesson with her.

   Lily teaches me not only Chinese conversation but also many other things that I cannot learn from textbooks, such as culture and the origin of Chinese characters, in an easy-to-understand and detailed manner. I wish I had met her sooner! She teaches pronunciation, listening, conversation, etc. in a well-balanced way, so I am very satisfied with the lessons I am getting now. I would like to study for HSK and other certifications in the future. 

computer accessories

Ms. S.I 

Headhunting industry,  20s

Lily is incredibly attentive and patient, especially when it comes to perfecting pronunciation, a crucial aspect of learning Chinese. The personalized lesson curriculum is surprisingly detailed, and after each session, she generously shares comprehensive notes, providing an excellent resource for reviewing what we've learned. The quality of the lessons far exceeds the value we are paying for. I greatly appreciate that she utilizes the entire lesson efficiently without any time wasted. Each lesson is so fulfilling and enjoyable that I'm genuinely pleased to have had her as my teacher.


Mr. K.O 

IT industry,  20s

Lily's lessons are very easy to understand and she is very kind. I started studying Chinese because I thought Chinese culture, food, and the Chinese language were cool and would broaden my business opportunities. Lily does not just teach the language, which is a common way of teaching, but she also weaves Chinese culture into her lessons, and it makes it very easy to remember! Pronunciation is very important in Chinese, and she is very helpful in identifying areas where improvement is needed.  I am taking online lessons and I'm happy that the lessons are taken at a pace that really suits me.


Mr. H.O 

Journalist,  40s

I will be transferred to China, so I resumed studying Chinese in the spring of 2020 for the first time in more than a decade. I wanted to learn not only the Chinese language but also gain insights into the current situation and trends in Chinese society. During the trial lesson, I discussed this goal with Lily, and despite my somewhat challenging request, she graciously agreed to assist me. We've been having 90-minute lessons once a week, and Lily has been incredibly accommodating, providing customized materials based on our interests and adjusting lesson content on short notice to address our weaknesses. Currently, we are taking lessons online via Zoom due to the pandemic, but the online format is just as effective, allowing us to use our time efficiently without the need for a commute to school.

    Language training naturally involves a certain level of challenge, and Lily employs an excellent approach to apply just the right amount of pressure. Her method is highly effective. During lessons, when explaining concepts in Chinese, she selects vocabulary and adjusts her speaking speed according to my ability, making me feel that my listening comprehension is improving efficiently. The right amount of homework also proves helpful for me, especially since I'm be a slacker sometimes ;-)

    Above all, Lily's personality is wonderful. Through her, I can gain a real sense of present-day China. I am genuinely looking forward to my new assignment.


Mr. S.T 

Marketing,  20s

From the very first lesson, Lily attentively considered my learning situation, goals, and interests, significantly boosting my motivation to intensify my Chinese studies. During each lesson, she thoroughly reviews my sentences, creating a compelling sense of focus even in the online environment. Every session brings valuable insights, as I often discover new ways to express myself. The resume is also made in accordance with the class, so I can review it really efficiently. and I find Lily's grammar explanations are especially easy to understand. There have been many times when I have somehow understood something from the textbook, but the way she tells and teaches has deepened my understanding. When it comes to pronunciation, she delves into the details—giving us tips on tongue positions and airflow. I've never had such thorough practice before. She's an excellent teacher who motivates me to excel in every class.


Mr. S.S

Game production,  30s

I am working in the game industry, and I thought that learning Chinese would be beneficial for my future career. I had been playing around a lot and not studying properly. Having had an unsuccessful experience learning English at school, I hesitated, wondering if I could do well in learning Chinese. However, I took the plunge after reading a review that stated even beginners can learn at their own pace and with great care.

    Lily is very attentive, patient, and always teaches in a way that is easy to understand and enthusiastic. This gives me the feeling that I am steadily learning a foreign language for the first time. With a very busy work schedule and no weekends off during the transitional period, online lessons make it easier for me to continue, which is a significant advantage. I look forward to continuing to work with Ms. Liu in my Chinese learning journey.

To be continued...

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