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Group Chinese lessons for Companies

Venue: Primarily conducted through online Zoom lessons, with the option for visiting lessons.

Target Audience: Companies seeking Chinese language and culture education for their employees.

Levels: Suitable for all levels.

Contents: Beyond regular group online lessons, our offerings include on-site lessons, Chinese workshops etc, which also contributes to the enhancement of bonds and teamwork among employees. Our content extends beyond language learning, encompassing insights into Chinese etiquette and essential considerations for fostering effective communication with Chinese companies. We tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of each target audience.

Process of use:
1) Inquiry
Please provide us with information about the number and profile of employees interested in the course through the contact form.
2) Level Assessment and Quotation
Following a trial lesson, we will evaluate the Chinese language proficiency of the participants and share the results with you. Additionally, we will send a proposal for class placement along with a quotation.
3) Schedule Coordination
We will establish a group chat on LINE or WeChat for each class and coordinate the dates and times.
4) Attendance and Payment
For corporate clients, we offer a lump-sum payment in the following month.


For corporate group lessons, a supplementary 5% corporate discount will be applied in addition to the standard group lesson discount.

Group lesson fee (JPY, tax included)

截屏2024-02-07 1.25.50.png


1) A flat-rate group discount of 50% applies to groups of 5 or more.
2) Online lessons with a larger number of students necessitate a stable and fast internet connection. To maintain quality, we recommend considering onsite lessons for groups exceeding 6 students.
3) A combination of online and onsite lessons is feasible. For instance, regular online lessons supplemented by onsite sessions every three months can enhance learning and interaction through face-to-face meetings, contributing to improved team building and employee cohesion.
4) An onsite lesson incurs transportation costs. The fee is 1,100 yen/trip within Tokyo's 23 wards if the round-trip takes less than one hour, and 2,200 yen/trip if the round-trip takes more than one hour.

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