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Chinese lessons (1:1)


Venue: 1-on-1 online Zoom lessons 

Target Audience: Individuals seeking to learn Chinese in Japanese, English, or Chinese (Children are also welcome).

Levels: Suitable for all levels.

Contents: Comprehensive Chinese language learning encompassing pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills. We also offer support for Chinese conversation in diverse scenarios, pronunciation refinement, HSK/intermediate exam preparation, practice for meetings and speeches, and correction of Chinese manuscripts.

Price: 5,500 JPY per 50-minute session (It will be automatically converted to your local currency at the time of payment, same for all services).

Features of our lessons


Extensive Teaching Experience

I've been instructing Chinese to foreign learners since 2012, cultivating a diverse student base that spans politicians, finance professionals, lawyers, doctors, consultants, IT experts, actors, singers, founders of various companies, etc, and even children aged 7 and above. Regardless of your profession or age, I am adept at tailoring my teaching methods to suit your unique needs.


Educational methods based on academic evidence

I concentrate on integrating scientific and practical teaching methodologies to ensure my students learn Chinese efficiently. My classes prioritize vocabulary, grammar, conversation, and listening comprehension, providing a comprehensive approach to enhance your Chinese proficiency.


Personal guidance tailored to your individuality

We value the uniqueness of each student, promptly assess their Chinese language proficiency and requirements, and deliver instruction in the most fitting manner. Tailoring the lessons to your interests and needs, we integrate content related to Chinese culture, customs, social dynamics, trends, and business Chinese.


Professional Pronunciation Guidance

Mastering pronunciation is fundamental to learning Chinese, and I'll assist you in swiftly acquiring proficiency in Chinese Pinyin and tones. Leveraging professional knowledge, I'll provide model demonstrations and offer constructive feedback to help you achieve a more native-like pronunciation.

Multiple language support


Being a native Chinese speaker with fluency in Japanese and English, I possess the ability to seamlessly switch between these languages. With experience in teaching various language combinations, I can effectively assist you in learning and comprehending Chinese, regardless of whether you speak Japanese, English or Chinese.


Support for HSK exam and various demands

For individuals preparing to take the HSK exam, we offer targeted and effective exam guidance to ensure you approach the test with confidence. Additionally, we provide support for Chinese speeches, conduct rehearsals for meeting scenarios, and offer specialized training for specific situations in Chinese.


Sharing and backing up various materials

`温故而知新' (Wēn gù ér zhī xīn), as articulated by the Chinese philosopher Confucius, encourages the act of revisiting and understanding old knowledge to gain new insights. In language learning, repetitive practice and review play a crucial role. We share various materials used in lessons for free to help you firmly retain the Chinese you have learned.

 Exciting events and get-togethers


We occasionally invite native speakers to hold parties and cultural experience events. In addition to being a good chance to use the Chinese you learned in class, you will also be able to hear about the experiences of your seniors, and it will also be an opportunity to make friends and interact with others in different industries.

For those of you outside of Japan, we are also planning an online event.


The following private lessons are all 5,500 JPY per 50 minutes.

1) Chinese lessons for Japanese speakers

2) Chinese lessons for English speakers

3) Japanese lessons for Chinese speakers

Rules for changing or canceling lesson reservations:

You are free to modifu or cancel your lesson reservation up to 12 hours before the scheduled lesson through the site member page.

Changes or cancellations within 12 hours will be treated as missed lessons and charges will apply.

Refund Policy: 

1) Policy

Due to the nature of our products, we cannot refund or exchange services that have already been used. We will respond promptly (within 3 business days) to requests for refunds for portions of the service that have not been used, provided that the request is received within the free change/cancellation period.


2) Refund Method

Please note that the "Cancel" operation on the member page is to cancel the booked services and is not a refund process. If you wish to receive a refund, please contact us using the Refund Request Form.

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