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Supported Languages: Japanese to Chinese, English to Chinese

Contents: Emails, speeches, brochures, product catalogs, websites, articles, etc.

Our team of native translators is dedicated to providing translation and proofreading services, adhering to the principles of faithfulness to the original, clarity, fluency, and elegance – the very essence reflected in our company name XINYA.


Japanese → Chinese

Translation: 8 JPY per Japanese character
Proofreading: 5 JPY per Japanese character

English → Chinese

Translation: 8 JPY per English character
Proofreading: 5 JPY per English character


Usage Flow:

①Inquiries and Manuscript Submission

​ ⬇
②We'll send you a trial (free translation or proofreading of the first 150 characters) and a quote.

​ ⬇
③If satisfied, please make payment.

​ ⬇
④Work is initiated. During work, you may be required to respond to inquiries depending on the content.

​ ⬇
⑤First Inspection and Correction

​ ⬇
⑥Second Inspection and Confirmation

​ ⬇


The delivery time may vary depending on the content. Generally, we ensure a first inspection of up to 2,000 words within 24 hours as a rule of thumb.

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